Please note the following rules regarding copyright:

Our patterns (both those for free and those available for purchase) may not be copied or distributed in any way without the prior written approval of their authors and the owners of the copyright. 

The products made according to our patterns can be sold in small series of hand-made production only and under condition you name the author of the pattern – KAMLIN and add the link to where you obtained the pattern. Thank you for your understanding.

In case or any questions regarding the patterns and the copyright please do not hesitate to contact us.


  1. are not your instructions. Deception.

  2. The link you have placed here is to a magazine, which was printed in Germany and which UNDER COPYRIGHT AGREEMENT AND WITH REGULAR ROYALTY PAYMENT gained OUR PERMISSION to use our patterns. The author of the patterns is Katerina Reznickova - Kamlin.patterns. In case you have further doubts you can either check the dates of issue of the magazine (most of the patterns in the magazine were published on Czech Internet a FEW YEARS before the magazine was printed, or you can contact the publisher of the magazine. Also you can find some of the patterns by Kamlin.Patterns in several books.