Saturday, May 25, 2013

Grey Cat

 Do you like cats? Cats are great friends and cat-toys are so popular with children. You can make one little cat yourself using our pattern. The pattern is very easy to follow and it will not take you too long to make your own cat. I bet the cat-lovers will like it for sure :-)

As usually the pattern is available on Ravelry:

Friday, May 17, 2013

Alice - a doll in white

Finally one of our more complex patterns is translated into English. It is a pattern for beautiful doll in white dress. She has her own shoes, dress, even a beret. The doll is able to stand on her own and although it would probably take more time to make her the resulting toy / girl is going to be wonderful.

You will need some skills to make her, it is not the best pattern to start with if you are a beginner but even with only basic knowledge of crocheting and knitting and internet access (to look at some tutorial or pictures when you are not sure about some stitch) you will be able to finish the doll.

The pattern is available as usually in our Ravelry store or on the link: