Friday, February 21, 2014


Today we have exciting news!

Some of you may be already know. There will be vol. 3 of a pattern book printed by Called ZOOMIGURUMI.

As you know the second volume had a pattern by Kamlin in it too - it was Otto the
Turtle and he was even
on the cover of the book. More info about the book here.

This time the book will host a pattern of Kamlin's hippo. Hippo the swimmer needed some first name so there was a pool among amigurumipatterns facebook fans and finally we decided to call him Henry the Hippo.


  1. Hi soy soledad de chile, compre el libro zoomigurumi 3 y estoy tratando de hacer tu patron del henry the hippo pero tengo una duda, en el patron de las piernas en la vuelta 7 dice: BLO SC IN ALL 36 ST, que significa BLO. gracias y te felicito por tus amigurumis.