Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sometimes I think the toys for kids you can buy in stores are too complicated, too difficult and also there is less and less love and smiles in them. I can see it on my own kids. They love to play with all sort of things they find at home and in the garden… they build large castles from small plastic cups from yoghurts, they use twigs to make unbelievably interesting graphics, paper boxes are the best place to hide something they love… and what is more interesting they prefer these simple things to toys they have. Plastic cars, stuffed characters, various construction sets… these are not so important for them.

You would think kids need lots of toys, but it is not completely true. The only exception is toys made for them and upon their request. Every time I take a crochet hook in my hands one of my sons comes and asks what toy is this going to be. They really like their crochet bears, their own Smurf, their little dogs… they like them because these toys have soul. It is big true: the best toy is the one given (and made) with love!

If you would like to make your own toy for your kids, I believe this is the right place to have a look. You can find patterns for crochet toys here – dolls, animals, dragons, various characters. Many patterns are available. You can obtain them on Ravelry. Some of them are for free and these are right here on this blog to download.

My colleague who creates the toys for which you can find the patterns here, is wonderfully skilled and she is able to make almost anything using her magic wand (crochet hook). If you are especially interested in some character or animal and you have not found a pattern for it here, just write to us and I am sure that Katka will be able to make it up for you!

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